IP Camera means Internet Protocol Camera. It is one type of digital video camera. Basically IP Camera receives control data and it will send the data of image through an IP Network. Normally IP Camera used for surveillance and IP camera doesn’t need any recording devices like The analog CCTV Camera need extra recording devices.

In Bangladesh, Ttustit Provides the Best IP Camera in Bangladesh. Hivideo IP Camera is one of them. Hivideo IP Camera is reliable and best option for security purpose. You can buy Hivideo IP Camera from us. We provide best CCTV Camera in Bangladesh with reasonable price.
History of Hivideo Camera

Hivideo Camera manufactured by Hivideo Electronics Limited in 2009 at China. Hivideo is one of the top leading CCTV camera company in China. Hivideo company produce CCTV Camera, Network Video Recorder(NVR), Digital Video Recorder(DVR) and accessories. Trustit imported Hivideo Camera from Hivideo Electronics Limited.
CCTV Camera In Bangladesh.